Google Fiber is making its way to its third city, Provo, Utah. Currently, it’s thriving in Kansas City and is supposedly going to be offered in Austin now, too. All these three cities will readily enjoy Google’s high-speed Internet. News of the third city hit the official Fiber blog and the city’s website, as well as the city mayor’s own blog, happily breaking the news that his citizens will get to enjoy Google’s Internet package. If the city council approves it, then Google will then buy Pravo’s iProvo network and then upgrade it to their Gigabit technology, which would provide free 5Mbps services to those homes that are currently on the old network. All the residents would have to pay is a $30 activation fee, but there will be free connectivity for 25 public institutions in the Provo. The vote still needs to happen, but most likely it will get approved. Google Fiber is supposed to be a “different kind of Internet,” according to the official site. It starts with a connection speed that is 100xs faster than today’s broadband Instant downloads

Kristie Bertucci

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