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CCP Is taking advantage on the biggest and most sought after features in gaming- emergent gamplay. It was announced this weekend the company would launch not only a comic series with major comic book publisher Dark Horse comics, but also a companion television show is in the works. More impressively, the show is said to be crafted from real user generated stories–tales forged from playtime of real EVE Online players as well players of the new PS3 Dust 514. Dust 514 is the ground war that can affect EVE Online’s galactic battles. We have a video below of how this cohesion will work across two game and two platforms (PS3 and PC)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eS4rAYrRHWc&w=600&h=350]

The approved stories will first appear in a 54pg Dark Horse graphic novel, which be avail in free digital and paid printed forms. Teh best stories will then be made into episode for the TV show.

A great deal of emphasis in today’s game development is centered on “meta-gameplay” and “emergent gameplay”. The former is, succinctly put sub-objectives or sub-games that live outside a game (such as collecting symbols on posters or packages), yet contribute to the outcome of gameplay in the retail game world. The latter, emergent gameplay, is the birth of complex and spontaneous gameplay experiences, stories or nuances born from simple ¬†gamplay mechanics. Sci-Fy’s Defiance video game is a sort of metagame to the networks companion television series. While Bohemia Interactive’s zombie apocalypse survival mod DayZ is unquestionably the ultimate master of emergent gameplay. The riveting stories of trust and betrayal…triumph and failure after chilling brushes with death, that were told were gameplay experiences–and unless documented they could be forgotten. Nothing ever plays out the same way twice in DayZ.

If you would like your EVE Online/Dust 514 experience to be considered for inclusion…¬†Story submission here.

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