Are you ready to witness “a new generation revealed”? This is the hyperbole shouting from on high, or from Redmond’s Microsoft compound as they stir the hopefuls and bang the war drums for their next video game console, codenamed: Durango or the Loop or the Xbox 720 or Kryptos… Regardless of the codename (we think Redmond settled on Durango btw). The house that Bill built is just about ready to spill the beans. The Verge is reporting, May 21st, less than a month from now, Microsoft will be reveal the next gen Microsoft console for all its adoring fans.

Only time will tell if this will, as M$oft states, “mark the beginning gof a new generation of game, TV and entertainment.” That’s not a loaded claim at all. Let hope the company can make good. The company will hold a prelim unveiling very similar to the way Sony slowly rolled out intel on the new Playstation 4. Then we can all expect more on the new gaming box in June at the upcoming E3 event in LA.

For more on the Durango, you should check out Amanda’s write up on the specs. The big question on the minds of current gen 360 owners: Will Durango be backward compatible. Current claims suggest not. But stay tuned.

Shawn Sanders

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