Recently there has been a stir in the net-waves showing invisible superpowers being spread through the internet… Check out what people like Chris Pirillo are sharing on this breakout trend of Kamehameha, Vadering, and Pottering…

Awesome trend: Japanese Schoolgirls Perform Superhuman – Chris Pirillo | Google+


 Awesome trend: Japanese schoolgirls perform superhuman energy attacks, repelling groups of their friends.…

Yep! This trend looks so cool I had to have a go myself and these are the best apps and gadgets I’ve found to help me show off my supervixen skills.

Camera Timer iPhone App: Front Camera and Series Capture


 Camera Timer iPhone App Review by Jennifer at

Jennifer’s video somewhat reminds me of a favorite Youtuber of mine Jenna Marbles. She’s got that cute dog thing going on. Anyway, here Jennifer plays around with the best app on the iPhone for capturing your Kamehameha powershot. Watching the video gives you an overview of how the app works, although in Jeniffer’s review she tends to confuse the viewer a bit by referring to the “single shot” feature within the app as a “continuous shot”. So far I haven’t found an app to capture continuous video on a timer. You have to simply resort to videoing and cutting out the section where you’re stabbing your iPhone screen.

The reason why this app works so well is that you have the ability to frame yourself using the front-facing camera… ready yourself using the audio count-down signal… and finally (now this is the secret), setting up the multi-shot feature so that the camera automatically brackets a series of events. Just in case you didn’t quite get your timing right the first time. Here’s my attempt at the Kamehameha!

GifBoom Review: Like Instagram only Moving



 This is my new addiction… Lets be friends… Site:

Agent Shawnee from AppLand.TV sums up just why GifBoom is the coolest social network compared with Instagram. “Oh look! those pictures are moving!” Once you’ve recorded a video, you can go into GifBoom and segment it to highlight your paranormal power. Make your head spin and people really believe in the Excorcist.

Actually I’ve found this app really useful from a narcissistic point of view in sportsmanship. I use it to check my form in hand-balancing and tumbling. It’s also really useful for extracting the one perfect frame out of a video, since that’s normally pretty hard to do by pausing and screen-capturing a video. This app will save you testing your crappy reaction times whilst stabbing the touchscreen.

GifBoom works a little differently in both iOS and Android, but the one result which will prove to your Facebook friends your skills are indeed real, is that the moving pictures actually continue to move in Facebook. Shhh don’t let the cat-out-the bag this is now your secret. GifBoom is so far the only app I’ve found to publish moving pictures to Facebook.

Breffo Spiderpodium Review: Super Bendy yet Strong

From -Today, 7:06 PM

Lewis Painter: Whilst at The Gadget Show Live a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the Breffo Spiderpodium – a bend it yourself holder for your phone (there’s also other versions available for tablets and cameras).

Taken with GifBoom!

Hmm this kinda sounds like what I want to be… (Super bendy and strong, the next rubber woman, plastic girl, or whatever alias you can think up for me.) I digress, keep this rubberized steel spider in your purse ladies (or pockets, guys…) For those moments where you need some hands free action. Forgive me if my writing sounds like it’s something related to porn, that’s clearly unintentional. I happen to like hands-free action. Spiderpodium is a UK made, cheap alternative to the Life-Phorm. Also available on Amazon!

Whats great about getting some hands free action with your new-found spidey friend for your mobile device, is that you can really cheat the perspectives to get some height with your jumps and kicks. I told you I wasn’t writing about porn. - Juliana

Juliana Payson