Color me skeptical, but this Budweiser product reeks of “vaporware” viral marketing campaign.  Nevertheless, it’s an interesting idea, and one that could actually work in bars.

Launched in Brazil, hence the Portuguese type in the video, special Budwieser cups called “Buddy Cups” were outfitted with what is presumably NFC technology.  Each participant’s Facebook details were connected to their cup, and much like the Bump app for the iPhone, when each bar goer cheers, a friend request is exchanged on Facebook.

The product video, as seen above, is pretty compelling in nature, though it’s not clear how the Facebook details are transferred to the cup, though they seem to indicate that some sort of smartphone app lends an assist.  However, I’m assuming that Budweiser never went that far, and simply created some fancy graphics mixed with a tad of editing to help sell the idea.  But as mentioned, I think it’s a great idea and one that I’d participate in if given the chance.

Budweiser Buddy Cup

Christen Costa

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