ARCHOS enters the grueling and far from uneventful Smartphone game with 3-entries. Today the company announced after several years of commitment to the computer tablet space it was time to see what everyone was “talking” about. The ARCHOS 35 Carbon, 50 Platinum and 53 Platinum are a trio of dual-SIM chip-supported Android devices. ARCHOS dives in whole hog with triplets where another company may have only tested the market with a single offering.

Moreover, all three smartphones are unlocked and will run an unskinned version of the Android OS with full access to Google Play and Google Mobile Services. Customer under the umbrella of multiple service providers will enjoy the aforementioned Dual SIM chip features to manage two separate accounts simultaneously. The display type used on each is an in-plane switching (IPS) panel. The devices will also store contacts and file management in the cloud and feature front and rear-facing cameras.

ARCHOS Carbon Series

The Carbon 35 is the sole entry in the Carbon series. It’s a 3.5inch display smartphone capable of a 320 x 480 resolution (720p video playback). It’s running Android Ice Cream Sandwich/4.0. and is powered by a Qualacomm 7225A processor clocked at 1GHz. The phone only supports 3G+ speeds. But it has WiFi and micro SD storage expansion options.

The ARCHOS 35 Carbon will retail for $99.

ARCHOS Platinum Series

The ARCHOS 50 Platinum and 53 Platinum are virtually identical. The only major difference are the screen size (5.0 -in and 5.3-in respectively) and the size of their Lithium batteries (2000mAh and 2800 mAh) which also means a slight difference in battery life The The ARCHOS 53 Platinum will give 21 hours of talk time at 2G speeds and 15hr over 3G+.  The 50 Platinum is nearly half that at 12hr of 2G talk time and just short of 10 hours over 3G+. Unfortunately it looks like 4G is out.

Both use Qualacomm 82225Q Quad Core cortex-A5 processors clocked at 1.2GHz and 16GB of RAM, 8mp camera with flash LED, WiFi, Bluetooth and micro SD storage. Each is also running Android Jelly Bean.

The ARCHOS 50 Platinum will retail for $219. Or nab the larger 53 Platinum for $249

Shawn Sanders

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