Daily Archives: April 29, 2013

TED Teddy Bear

Own Your Very Own Foul-mouthed TED Teddy Bear


TED, as in the movie starring the talking teddy bar, wasn’t the riot of laughs I expected it to be.  Nevertheless, there is no discounting the one liners espoused from the stuffed toy’s mouth.  And now you too can own your very own foul-mouthed teddy bear courtesy of Thinkgeek. It...

Google Search App

“Google Now” Now Available for iOS…Sort Of


A few months ago I switched to a Nexus 4. One of the cooler features of the Android 4.2 OS, is Google Now. Google Now is something akin to a virtual assistant.  On Android it can crawl your email, search history, and calendar and automatically tell you when a booked...


HoodiePillow Pillowcase Provides Ultimate Comfort


In case your regular pillow isn’t providing you enough comfort, try the HoodiePillow Pillowcase that’s supposed to provide the ultimate cocoonification for those that want to relax from a hard day. It’s patented and crafted from premium sweatshirt material so it’s super soft like your favorite hoodie. You’ll want to use it...

EVE Online TV Show

EVE Online and PS3 Dust 514 on the Small Screen (video)


CCP Is taking advantage on the biggest and most sought after features in gaming- emergent gamplay. It was announced this weekend the company would launch not only a comic series with major comic book publisher Dark Horse comics, but also a companion television show is in the works. More impressively,...