Daily Archives: April 26, 2013

helmet dawg

Batman-Inspired Motorcycle Helmet


It’s kind of hard to play dress up once you hit a certain age without it being questioned by other adults, but with Helmet Dawg’s Batman Dark as Night Helmet: Black Edition, you’re able to pretend your Batman as you zip through the streets at night pretending you’re the capped...

dual sim samsung S4

Dual-SIM Samsung S4 Emerges in China


I had no idea that Samsung had plans for a dual SIM variant of their S4.  Either that makes me incredibly remiss as a supposed tech journalist, or this info wasn’t well publicized – I’d go with the former. Dual-SIM phones are something of an obscurity here in the US,...

HP Slate 7 launch

HP Slate 7 Available NOW!


Well this ought to calm  the ruffled feathers of many HP enthusiasts. With just four days to spare, the company is making good on their promise to launch the HP Slate 7 in April. In February at the MWC, HP showed the world it’s Android-infused 7-inch tablet, the HP Slate...

Sand Stop Beach Mat

This Beach Mat Automatically Filters Sand Out


The beach should be filled with fun, sun, and most importantly relaxation.  But that might prove a bit tough if your beach towel is caked in sand.  Which somehow always manages to find its way into the most uncomfortable regions of your body.  And unless you’re laying flat-out on the...

Budweiser Buddy Cup

Budweiser Buddy Cup: Cheers To Send a Facebook Friend Invite (video)


Color me skeptical, but this Budweiser product reeks of “vaporware” viral marketing campaign.  Nevertheless, it’s an interesting idea, and one that could actually work in bars. Launched in Brazil, hence the Portuguese type in the video, special Budwieser cups called “Buddy Cups” were outfitted with what is presumably NFC technology....