Daily Archives: April 22, 2013


DB8e Ultra Long Range Outdoor DTV Antenna Review


A lot of people have come to terms with paying for TV — as in having a subscription service for a cable box or satellite.  But free TV — high-definition –only requires a competent antenna, because digital technology means you either get a picture or you don’t. But what if...


Netflix Adds $12 Family Plan, 4 Streams Allowed


Netflix is a for profit business. And while they’ve most certainly recovered since their way botched Qwikster launch, simply acquiring customers probably isn’t the fastest or easiest way to do that. So, I wasn’t surprised today when they announced a new streaming family plan for $11.99 a month.  It allows...


Iron Man Mouse Released Ahead of Movie


Need something to spruce up your desktop? Are you an Iron Man fan? If so, you may be pleasantly surprised to find e-blue’s officially licensed wireless Iron Man mouse. From its Tony Stark’s “gold-titanium alloy” to its “hot-rod red” paint job, the mouse is a perfect rendition of the original...

iPhone 5

8 Reasons To Buy The iPhone 5 From T-Mobile (list)


T-Mobile’s iPhone 5 has arrived.  In fact, it’s been on sale since April 12th, so it’s hardly new news.  But there is a good chance that you’re still debating as to whether or not you should opt for an iPhone 5 with T-Mobile instead of Verizon, AT&T or Sprint.  And...

Mantis Hexapod

Mantis is Here The Real-Life Driveable Hexapod (video)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1h9Mw-s9mzI Working with game developers, software engineers and comic book creators can often lead to some incredibly geeky conversations, like who would win a fight Captain America vs. Wolverine? or Which console stays crunchier in milk, Xbox 360 or PS3? How about the viability of introducing mechanized exosuits or “mechs”...