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Facebook VOIP

Facebook VoIP Now Available to Android Users


Got an Android phone?  Facebook much?  Good news.  Today the social network rolled out free VoIP calls for Android users.  Keep in mind that this is only Facebook to Facebook, and won’t allow you to make calls to an actual telephone number. That all being said, calls should be purely...

Concept GLA

Mercedes-Benz GLA Concept SUV Includes Video Projecting Head Lamps


Say hello to the new Mercedes GLA Concept compact crossover.  It was unveiled at Shanghai auto show this week and boasts some rather surprising technology that most certainly warrants a look. In addition to what is rapidly becoming an industry standard  turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, Mercedes has outfitted the GLA concept with a...

HTC One Verizon_3

HTC One Now Available on Sprint and AT&T (product release)


Looking to get into a new handset…this weekend?  Look no further than the HTC One, which is now available on both Sprint and AT&T starting today to the tune of $100 and 200 respectively  and a 2-year contract. Both carriers are selling the aluminum finished version with 32GB of storage, though...

MacBook Keyboard Super Hero Skin

Protective MacBook Keyboard Super Hero Skin

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If you’re super touchy about keeping your Macbook clean and its keys protected, why not do so in a fun way! The Macbook Keyboard Super Hero Skin features very colorful and decorative images from some of your favorite comic book heroes like Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, The Flash, Wolverine and more....


Apple TV vs. Roku 3 (comparison)


Having a difficult time deciding which set top-box is for you? We’ve analyzed Apple TV and the Roku 3 side by side to bring you the most comprehensive comparison available. Here’s a breakdown of two of the most popular alternatives to conventional cable boxes and why one of them might...

Posing young woman with tennis racket, white background

Zappos CEO’s Project 100 to “Rescue” 100 Sex Workers

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LAS VEGAS (GR) – The Downtown Project, a Las Vegas-based urban revitalization firm headed by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, announced on Tuesday that it is expanding its transportation initiative, Project 100. Prior to the announcement, the project – billed as a full transportation service for its members – had included...

Star Wars Darth Vader Vintage iPhone 4/5 Protective Case

Protect Your iPhone 4/5 With A Star Wars Darth Vader Vintage Case


Star Wars fans who love collecting any and all memorabilia will definitely want to protect their iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 with the stylish Star Wars Darth Vader Vintage case that resembles the packaging of retro toy. The cool thing about the case is that each one is handmade using a unique...


GR Daily Deals: Bioware Classics sale, Colombo DVDs, iPad mini 64GB


Today GameFly launched a “Bioware Classics PC Sale” which will run through the weekend. There are six RPG PC downloads up to 75% off – the three Mass Effect games, the Dragon Age series, and Jade Empire. All games are $10 or less. Today Amazon dropped the Columbo complete DVD...