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save money cable bill

How to Save Money on Your Cable Bill (how to)

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Saving money on the monthly cable bill is something the majority of us have considered at least a few times in our adult lives. No matter who your provider is one thing is for certain, you are paying too much. After adding internet service, equipment fees, subscription fees, and maybe...

Lenovo Q190_f

Lenovo IdeaCentre Q190 Mini PC Review

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Computer processing chip maker AMD is making some well-deserved strides with their new APU (accelerated processing unit).   We’re seeing more companies adopt the chip and incorporate it into mini PC’s for consumer level computing.  We took the Sapphire EDGE Mini PC out for a test run. Despite it’s hard drive...

Krups X5280-001

Krups XP5280 Espresso Machine Review


Starbucks, as with most coffee shops will suck your wallet dry.  They’re akin to that of a drug dealer.  Once they’ve got you hooked you’ll keep going back for more even though you know better.  By most accounts this is a horrible analogy and not one that I’d generally endorse,...


Bierstick Fires Beer at 100MPH Down Your Throat


A beer bong, otherwise known as a beer funnel, is a more than apt way to consume a copious amount of beer in a short period of time.  However, it may not be the most effective.  Enter the Bierstick. It’s probably safe to assume that only a recent college grad,...

Hearst Castle Pool

20 Awesome Personal Swimming Pools That You Can’t Swim In


We have dug deeper than any others before us to find the most incredible, luxurious swimming pools from around the world. From a swimming pool with a 1,000-year-old history to personal pools with secret passageways, we bring you the top 20 swimming pools you can’t swim in… unless you buy...


MyWorld Lounge System is Gadget Friendly


Philippe Starck has created a very gadget friendly lounge system with the “MyWorld” designed for Cassina. The french designer has crafted a simple but high-tech design for those who love comfort and their gadgets. The modular lounge system invites the user to be both relaxed and still remain connected to...