Daily Archives: April 8, 2013

HS-930i2 earbuds

Creative Labs HS-930i2 Earbud Headphones Review


I have officially settled on a manner for which to wear those all-too-familiar earbud headsets. After fitting a pair into my ears I take the cord and wrap it once or twice around the upper back of my ears. This helps with support and keeps the darn things from slipping...

Canterbury Residence

The Perfect Home If You Love Summer


The Canterbury Residence was inspired by the summer breeze and sun, making it the perfect contemporary home for any family that loves the summer months. Designed by Canny, the house is stunning and features numerous amenities that just scream summer. There’s a floating wooden island that looks as if it’s...


The Canine Treadmill Is Perfect For Lazy Dog Owners


The new Canine Treadmill from TheFancy touts itself as a dog-walking solution in places with inclement weather conditions, but we know the truth: it’s perfect for lazy dog owners who don’t want to get up off the couch! When you just can’t tear yourself away from Game of Thrones, simply power...