Daily Archives: April 3, 2013

2013 Kia Sportage-013

2013 Kia Sportage Review


In recent, I have had the luxury of test driving a BMW 750Li, an Audi A8L, an Audi A5 and a BMW ActiveHybrid 5.  All are opulent cars that by most accounts are considered luxury vehicles – the BMW 750Li was the most expensive to date, tipping the proverbial money...

Jenga Boom

Jenga Boom Explodes Like Dynamite


I’m a total sucker for old school board games with a fresh new spin.  Case in point Monopoly Live or Battleship Live.  And now you can add Jenga, or in this case Jenga Boom to the list. Jenga Boom isn’t exactly a board game, but as far as I’m concerned...

Mobile Boomblaster

The Ultimate Beach Speaker: Mobile Blastermaster


Your beach parties will never be the same with this Mobile Blastmaster from Hammacher. Aside from being as tough as nails – the chassis is made from steel and the tires are pneumatic (they’ll never pop) – it boasts an ear blistering amount of power.  2,000 watts of power to be...

Sword Pen

Don’t Take This Katana Sword Pen to the Airport


It’s relatively easy to get yourself arrested at an airport; just scream bomb or fire.  But those are so apparent that they’re easy to avoid, unless of course you’re a complete lunatic.  However, with this pen – yes, this is a pen – in your bag, there is a good...

Samsung Galaxy S4 11 features

Samsung Galaxy S4 Price Announced, Clarified


So while I don’t know when the Galaxy S4 will actually show up at your door step, I can tell you that preorders for the device will start on April 16th from carrier AT&T. For the sum of $249.99, and with a 2-year contract, you’ll score 32GB of storage, and...


Adidas Unveils Crazyquick “Electricity”


We’ve barely digested Adidas’ new Crazyquick McDonald’s All American Edition basketball shoe, but it’s time for another: the company has unveiled a new yellow version of the shoe called “Electricity.” The Crazyquick Electricity, which is already in use by Dame Lillard, John Wall and the Louisville Cardinals, includes an innovative four quick zones on...

Espresso Veloce Machine

Espresso Veloce Machine Combines A Love For Coffee And Cars


Automotive enthusiasts who equally adore their java will want to add the Espresso Veloce Machine to their kitchens since it’s supposed to be a tribute to the 1990’s Grand Prix race car engines which powered racing legends like Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher. Made up of alloys like magnesium, titanium, and...