Ever get a cut and it never wants to stop bleeding, so you have to go through, like, four or more tissues until it stops? Well, now you won’t have to waste all those tissues with the new Veti-Gel, which is a gel substance that’s supposed to stop bleeding instantly. It’s insane how fast it stops the bleeding. The video below gives you a preview of its magic as it stops the bleeding from a pork lion that’s being pumped with blood as soon as it’s applied.

It was created by NYU student Joe Landolina who used plant polymers to instantly seal up open wounds. Basically his synthetic creation links up with the human body, resembling something that feels and acts like skin. But it’s also supposed to help in the healing process, too. According to Landolina, it first works as a tissue adhesive and holds its own pressure onto the wound so you don’t have to. Then when it touches the blood, it activates fibrin, which is the polymer you need to make blood clot.

Kristie Bertucci

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