To a kid, sun often means warmth and fun, or at least it does to my daughter of 9. Every sunny Winter morning, when I take the little crumb-snatcher to school I have to remind her to wear her coat, vest, pullover or what have you. Sure enough without fail, every afternoon when I pick her up the darn thing is nowhere to be found. Now I implore you, why is there no “app for that”?

Ha! But there is and not just an app. The T.ware T.Jacket keeps tabs on your child and gives flying hugs for comfort and reassurance. Plus it’s fashionable too. I can see multiple uses for this bit of therapeutic clothing. The T.Jacket is available in vest and full sleeved versions. The jacket comes with a companion app that lets you take control of the item from anywhere.

With the app, you can keep track of your offspring by monitoring when and where they are using the jacket (that’s for my little one), their pressure and activity levels. It also grants parents the ability to activate deep pressure hugs remotely from anywhere, through the companion app.

That’s pretty awesome, especially for parents of children with special needs such as those on the Autism spectrum (ASD) and those with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Temple Grandin, arguably one of the foremost authorities on ASD created a device for herself at the young age of 18. The device delivered deep pressure sensory input as a form of stress relief. When the chair broke in 2010 after 60+ years of use Grandin was reported saying , “…I never got around to fixing it. I’m into hugging people now.”

Deep pressure hugs are indeed a proven form of therapy. But sometimes persons challenged with special needs, are uncomfortable receiving hugs–even from Mom or Dad.  This is what makes the T.Jacket’s remote deep pressure activation so intriguing. It can remotely help suppress agitation and anxiety through deep pressure T.Jacket hugs.

The T.Jacket is now available for Pre-order for $499. The first 30 orders save $100. Currently the app is working on Android devices, with an iOS version in development. -thanks Dr. Teh!



Shawn Sanders

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