New York, NY – Looks like Subaru may be trying to make its WRX line a bit more appealing to those that were put off in the past by the vehicles rather unconventional design.

Today at the New York Auto Show the Subaru WRX Concept definitely turned more than a few heads. It isn’t clear yet just what, if any, aspects of the concept will carry over to production models, but most are hoping all of them will.

One of the very first features fans will notice is the car’s redesigned carbon fiber roof. The new roof lowers the center of gravity and reduces the overall weight of the vehicle.

Fans will also notice a bulkier hood with the vehicles trademark hood scoop. The larger hood is needed to accommodate the car’s new turbocharged engine and intercooler. Designers have also incorporated sculpted air intakes into the lower fascia to provide greater air flow for the engine in addition to providing increased downforce during acceleration.

At the rear of the WRX, a bowed trunklid spoiler has been substituted for the standard wing. Probably the first thing that most onlookers will see is the machine’s quad tailpipes — something that suggests there’s serious horsepower under the hood.

As its predecessors, the WRX Concept is styled as an all-wheel-drive Subaru should be with four flared wheel arches that let admirers and adversaries know you’re hugging the ground wherever you go.

Twenty-inch BBS Duralumin wheels paired with 245 Dunlop tires fit the concept car like a professional pair of high-endurance running shoes.

Subaru hasn’t yet announced when consumers can expect a production-ready model.

Subaru WRX

Chase Williams

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