The functionality of Near Field Communications reminds me of osmosis lessons from high school biology. If you remember, Osmosis is the movement of water–or anything, really–across a semi-permeable membrane. To better illustrate the concept, Professors and teachers usually task students to view the water from a potato piece magically drain into a salt solution by merely touching the two together. Ooo! Ahhh!

Near Field Communication (NFC) works in a similar osmotic fashion. It’s a set of standards used for mobile devices, where touching two devices will initiate some sort of communication between them. SONY is now using the synergistic tech for a new line of Bluetooth speaker, no less. The CMT-BT line come in two styles. The SONY CMT-BT80WB and the CMT-BT60B.

These are Bluetooth wireless speakers that will happily play your music by simply touching an NFC ready playback device to the speaker system. They both feature radio tuners for DAB and FM. You can charge devices over the included USB charging ports. The speakers are 40w. The CMT-BT80WB steps things up with WiFi and Airiplay support.

Watch for the SONY’s new NFC Bluetooth speakers hitting stores this May.

Shawn Sanders

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