So,  Mayor “Burt Reynolds” was ill-equipped to save his city Steelport from the bottom feeding degenerates of STAG. Thankfully the 3rd Street Saints were in town to lend a not-so-civically helpful hand of utter mayhem. The end result saw STAG leader, Cyrus Temple defeated and the remaining STAG sympathizers vowing revenge as they retreated with tails proverbially tucked between their legs and the city of Steelport became an independent state ruled by the Saints. There goes the neighborhood(s)!

What do you do once you’ve gone from gang-lord to mega-celebrity to virtual president? Don a cape and leap tall dildos with several panting bounds! Hey, I don’t make this stuff up. You could smack a person with a dildo in the last game–a giant purple dildo at that. I never let my better half play it. It made me feel inadequate. But it’s true this time the 3rd Street Saints will have superpowers. How all that’s gonna pan out, and the off-earth setting sounds kind of bonkers. But therein lies the charm of the Saints series.

Saints Row 4 is scheduled for release this August 2013 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Shawn Sanders

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