There’s a new “Rosie” on the block, “Mistuh J.” and she says, “Move over Roomba. The floor is mine!” The tiled floor, that is. Check out the O-Duster Robotic Floor Cleaner from O-Cedar. The O-Duster uses an electrostatic cleaning pad on its flexible Velcro base. Just select a cleaning program and watch the O-Duster slave over your grime so you don’t have to. The Robotic maid uses auto-navigation technology to intelligently wipe your entire floor. It’s designed to suss out dirt in hard to reach areas like corners and edges. The electrostatic cleaning pad is disposable when finished.  It’s also compatible with O-Cedar’s O-Duster Floor Cleaner Refills.

Robot maids are nothing new as the aforementioned Rosie model can attest. But did you know the very first robot vacuum-thingy was actually not the Roomba. It was the Trilobite prototype from Electrolux. This little number stunned onlookers at it made its way around a dirty floor autonomously. It debuted in the United Kingdom on BBC News way back in times of antiquity circa 1997. I think the black death was in full swing. Oh wait, not the Black Death–I’m sorry. I meant the Spice Girls.

Shawn Sanders

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