LG 27EA83-D 27 Inch ColorPrime IPS LED WQHD Monitor Review

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LG 27EA83-D_2
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27 Comments to LG 27EA83-D 27 Inch ColorPrime IPS LED WQHD Monitor Review

  1. Has anyone tried this monitor with the new Mac Pro ? If so, does it beat out the Apple thunderbolt display ?

  2. I know LG makes the IPS panels for Dell Ultra Sharp’s like the U2413, and they all suffer from corner Pink/Green Tinting as well as backlight bleed, massive inverse ghosting and horrible IPS glow (they should use a polarizer for that like NEC does for high-end IPS monitors, and Amazon does with the HDX 8.9 tablet, but that’s another topic.) My question here is, does this monitor also suffer from BLB, Green/Pink tinting (the U2410 was the worst, with the U2413 showing smudge like tinting in the corners) and how bad is the IPS glow (I can’t believe blacks show that well on angles, all my IPS panels “glow” when black on an angle and loss significant contrast when off horizontal angles.) I ask this, because LG makes panels for Dell and if they are similar, I know what to expect and avoid. The only monitor till this day that doesn’t have any of these problems, is my Dell 2405FPW (CCFL Samsung SPVA.)

  3. I failed when try to overclock it. How exactly you overclock the monitor? I think everyone here wants more details because apparently only your monitor can reach 99hz.

  4. GreenPoison

    I’d love to know how this guy overclocked this monitor to 99hz… I’m calling bullshit. No one else can clock there monitor past 62-63hz… I’ve gone through 2 of these monitors so far partially because of your review and haven’t been able to get past 62hz.–so I don’t even bother.

    One was manufactured in February with firmware 1.17 and one was manufactured in March 2013 with firmware 1.21

  5. Fleximex

    I’m wondering how you did test the 10-bit color since Nvidia Geforce drivers don’t support 10-bit in Windows (only in Linux and FreeBSD). For Windows you need a Quadro graphics card…

    You also seem the only one whoes able to overclock monitor to that high (99Hz) of a frequency and many other reviews aren’t as positive at this monitor (bad color uniformity, bad brightness uniformity) as you.

    • GreenPoison

      I’d love to know how he tested 10bit and overclocked as well. Not sure if he knows what he’s talking about.

  6. Hi Shawn…I picked up the LG and got the EVGA Precision X software (Im running a GTX 780) and I was unable to overclock mine past 62hz. How were you able to get it up to 99 with the software? I went into the pixel clock utility and started moving the slider but nothing worked past 62hz.

  7. I am curious and very concerned about the HDMI version number on this display. Is it version 1.4? More importantly and just as specifically I need to know if the HDMI connection will result in its native resolution. I’m coming from a HD 4000 equipped ultrabook, I’m 99% sure that my ultrabook supports full-res HDMI as I connected to a 29″ ultrawide Dell and it worked perfectly (said monitor supposedly requires a dual-link DVI connection which I found promising as to it being an indicator that it’s not my laptop’s HDMI output). I am coming from an 27″ UltraSharp U2711 and it definitely does NOT work beyond 1080P (unless perhaps I mess with custom settings and lowering the refresh rate). My hope is to ultimately connect my ultrabook and a desktop. Finding a 27″ WQHD display with a full fledged HDMI (version 1.4 it seems like) is difficult. Dell’s U2713 does NOT support that. I want plug and play support for this because I know this purchase will last for years. If you could help me determine if HDMI runs at full res, I would greatly appreciate it. I highly suspect that this monitor is in fact compatible to my purposes and I am excited about the prospect.

    • Anybody tested this? I am in exactly the same boat, ultrabook with intel4400 and mini hdmi out only so would love this info

  8. Can someone tell me the difference between the this model, 27EA83-D & 27EA83-B? I’ve looked at the specification and they look the same but there must be something different.

  9. How did this monitor perform during games without its overclock? I’m a little hesitant on buying IPS screens because I like videogames too and until a few years ago, the two didn’t match AT ALL. Nevertheless, if it doesn’t have any nasty ghosting effects in games without having to overclock the screen, I’m getting it!

    • Shawn Sanders

      None! There is too much working against ghosting and blurring on this monitor. The response time is 6ms by default and you can lower that, which is usually not possible. But even at 6ms, there is literally no visible ghost in some the fastest games. I played Tribes Ascend, Warframe, Planetside 2, BF3 and BLOPS 2. The 10-bit color helps with even color changes to fight against image blurring.

      It’s actually unfortunate this window is not better marketed to gamers. It’s one of the best gaming monitors we’ve seen. But pricey.

      Also look into Overlord and Catleap monitors. They hit the same resolution but at half the cost and most overclock to 100+Hz

      • Thanks for your response. Although its price is a bit steep, I think I’ll go for the LG. I need a reliable monitor, both for graphics design and gaming. As for the other brands, those are hard to get in the Netherlands. Their retail price is definitely tempting, but importing them doesn’t come cheap.

        • Shawn Sanders

          You are definitely LG’s target market for this display. It does what you need so handsomely. You will be pleased.

    • Shawn Sanders

      You need an nvidia GTX video card and EVGA precision x 4.0 installed. It has a pixel clock utility that lets you change pixel clock and fresh rate in one go.

        • Shawn Sanders

          Are you connecting over displayport or DVI? I don’t believe that refresh rate is possible over HDMi. But you know I didn’t try it.
          Make sure you are running Precision X 4.0. That is mandatory.

          • Displayport with EVGA Precision X 4.0. Just doesn’t get beyond 63 Hz like I said. This is the second LG I tested this with that could not break 65 Hz.

          • Martin A.

            same with me…cant get it beyond 62 Hz, only mine is a 27ea83-R (not D). I dont know if thats why

      • Hi Shawn. I’m running 2x GTX 580 (MSI Lightning at 3GB RAM each) along with the LG 27EA83-D over DVI-D. My question is, how would I be able to tell what the refresh rate after I change it on Precision X? I’m running 4.2.1 of Precision X.

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