I once heard fiction writer Warren Ellis (Planetary, RED, Crooked Little Vein) call the then-current X-Men comic book series “buckets of X-cash”. It was pegged as such, partially for its financial success but also due the many sub-x titles that made up the series. The X-men name had become so synonymous with success that it quickly become the subject of quick-buck ridicule. Not to say Ellis was bagging on his old stomping ground. The exclamation held both levity and weight in its conviction.

I feel this is ground the Metal Gear video game series now treads. You can bet if a game is blazed with the Metal Gear moniker, it is sure to move units. If I’m right, prepare to break out the billfold, soldiers. The next couple of years are going to be a hot bed of Snakes–solid, liquid, gaseous (eew!) and who knows what else. Konami has recently revealed two new games to join the sly and sneaky family of stealth titles. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros and Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain. Ground Zeros was shown previously, while Phantom Pain was just revealed this week at GDC.

Take a look!

Shawn Sanders

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