HP Pavilion 27xi 27-inch IPS LED Backlit Monitor Review

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HP Pavilion 27xi_2
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6 Comments to HP Pavilion 27xi 27-inch IPS LED Backlit Monitor Review

  1. Silver T. Rader

    Pavilion 27xi (ips) very reflective front. The left and right border is about 1/2 inch. Is this monitor suppose to be edge less? How can that be adjusted?
    Downloaded the current monitor firmware. But, it doesn’t appear to set monitor size.

  2. HP 27xi does not have Anti-glare (AG) coating and is Glossy.

    HP 23xi and 25xi both have AG Coating and are Non-Glossy.

    I figured this out after going to Best Buy and Costco to see these monitors in person, and talking to HP Support.

  3. Hi, can you tell me if this panel has an anti glare coating beneath glossy panel as reported in the CNET review, cheers.

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