Freedom Pop Announces Free Home Broadband, or $10 for 10GB

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Freedom Pop Home WiFi
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6 Comments to Freedom Pop Announces Free Home Broadband, or $10 for 10GB

  1. this product is great for casual users under a tight budget like myself. 1GB free or $10 for 10GB is a great price. But for heavy users who download movies and watch lots of youtube then they should consider something else that offer unlimited data. This is not a scam like Jessica say, it’s a great product, just depends on how much you use on the internet

    • the other problem is that you are not only capped at 10gb but speed wise also. they could have put a limit on the amount of data but not on the speed. At the end, freedom pop is not a good solutions for a lot of people and definitely plays the same game as others ISP. Freedompop could have been a great competitor, killing the competition quickly and force Charter , comcast and others to reposition their offers. Freedom pop in this tight market should take a look at the European countries to really make a difference in this country.

  2. ******ATTENTION****** PLEASE READ. To whomever is considering buying this product, beware! This is a scam!

    I am a young single mother living on a budget. In this day in time having internet is a must so I came across Freedom Pop and thought that they might be an affordable alternative to getting internet in my home. I order the Casual 2GB package @ $17.00 a month. Upon arrival I was very excited to use my device, hooked it up, watched a movie the device worked perfect then went to bed. The next day I went onto the website to see how much data I had used and to my surprise I had used the entire data plan! I thought that was a little strange but I went ahead and upgraded to biggest plan they offer 10GB. The next time the device was used my nephew came over and played his playstation online. The next day I started getting email after email “Freedom Pop has added $10 to your account” over and over again. I thought that was strange since I had already upgraded to the biggest package. When I looked at my bank statement Freedom Pop had charged me $131.59 in overage fee’s over a 6 day period, $70 in one day! And continued charging my account until I had insufficient funds. So let me reiterate people… I paid $100 for the actual device, $60 for the biggest plan, and now on top of that $130… FOR USING THE DEVICE 2 TIMES! I called the company and asked what the reasoning was for all these charges. They said that much data had been used because I “had a good connection”. The best they could do was refund me $40. Needless to say I will never recommend this product to anyone. You’ve been warned!

    • Jessica,

      We apologize for the inconvience you’ve faced. We pride ourselves on offering low-cost devices and free data to all of our customers. Despite you having the largest plan, when you are streaming high quality movies and connecting online with your Playstation, these activities require a tremendous amount of bandwidth.

      To explain further, when you began exceeding your data allotment, your account switched to prepay mode and you began receiving topups to accomodate your data usage. Unfortunately because you kept your device on and continued using, the charges also continued.

      We are very understanding of customer situations like this, and when you spoke with our agent, we refunded you with good will and understanding that you didn’t know how to properly manage your data usage. Going forward, what is important in this situation or situations like this is:

      – Checking your data usage often by logging into your account

      – Awareness of what devices are connected and what their activites are

      – Turning the device off when you’re not using

      Once again, we apologize for this dilemma but we hope the suggestions offered help in the future. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us at

      -FreedomPop Support

    • Thanks for the info. This experience is like riding in a NYC yellow taxi.
      That meters keeps on running until the rider is out of the taxi. This is why
      I’m not jumping in and disconnect my internet cable which is about $70
      a month. There is no competition here…CableVision has the monopoly in
      my area and Time Warner has the monopoly in another area…all in NYC.
      I tried pricing the same service with Verizon but they want me to signup
      for their package deals.
      Believe me, I have not given up. I’m working on other choices to get
      my internet…it’s just a matter of time.

    • I am sorry to hear you spent more money than you planned, but ….. Streaming movies and playing games in a typical household uses over 100GB a month. So the Freedom Pop service is not intended for such heavy use. Perhaps you weren’t aware of those numbers, but I sincerely don’t think your situation is their fault.

      I use their mobile hotspot to supplement my cell phone data plan. I believe that is a more appropriate use.

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