Here’s something you have seen before. It’s a Bioshock Infinite gameplay trailer. Serious, how many of these things do I have to see before I can have my chance to soar through skies on a repurposed transport system? I have to admit I’ve played a handful of levels from each of the two previous BioShock games. I could sense the immense allure but they failed to claim my attention for an entire play-through. Surreptitiously, I have changed my tune for the upcoming 3rd outing from Irrational Game.

It looks damn exciting and quite honestly a bit terrifying. This new bit of moving media doesn’t help quell my anticipation. Here we get to see a smattering amalgam of features previously mentioned or talked about. Elizabeth is on the scene pulling cool and odd ordinances from some nether dimension. The protagonist shows off a bit more of the badass mobility and travel mechanics with the hook gauntlet thing that attaches to the rails suspended overhead. There’s plenty of magic, mayhem and monsters to tempt your pocket-book for the undoubted pre-order availability. But enough talk!

Bioshock Infinite will plummet from the skies on March 26th for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.


Shawn Sanders

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