Let s talk faces–our soul’s canvas for emotional expression. Our faces tell vivid tales as the windows into our temperament.  Some video games bank their realism and immersion on the tech powering their facial movement animations. It’s arguably what thrust Rockstar’s award-winning L.A Noire to the acclaimed heights it enjoyed. The tech used produced facial expressions so lifelike the title’s detective fact-checking/guessing gameplay mechanics were largely buttressed around it. In the game, you played a troubled detective, seasoned at his job, to the point where he could divine the truth by merely looking at a character’s virtual mug. Were those you interrogated speaking the truth or just singing like a canary to save their own arse? You only had their highly detailed and expressive mugs as a gauge.

Now Activision is next up with its own facial tech to dazzle and utterly creep you out. Look at how real and dare I say, “expressive” these are. They’re super cool and super eerie. The data used is sourced from the USC Institute for Creative Technologies. And yes you may have seen Nvidia’s demo from their GTC event last week. You can catch the video below. While the data used is the same, the tech which implements is different at each company.  But I’ll let them explain all that mumbo-jumbo.

Shawn Sanders

Shawn loves gadgets, literature, history and games. For 10yrs+ he's straddled both the comic book & video game industries, as a writer, editor, marketing officer & producer. Shawn got his start in tech & games as an editor & Hardware Director for GameRevolution.com. More notable accomplishments include Executive Producer on mobile games Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved & The Shroud.