Daily Archives: March 29, 2013


SONY Unveils NFC Enabled Bluetooth Speakers Available in May 2013


The functionality of Near Field Communications reminds me of osmosis lessons from high school biology. If you remember, Osmosis is the movement of water–or anything, really–across a semi-permeable membrane. To better illustrate the concept, Professors and teachers usually task students to view the water from a potato piece magically drain...


Bundle Up Your Telecom Services and Save Big


My hunt for the best telecom services and bundles is never-ending. Previously, I lived under the tyranny of Comcast for more years than I dare admit out loud. Yet in my area, if you wanted the fastest download speeds, Comcast was your best bet.  Oh but I despised their billing...

Battlefield 4 preorder deals now available

Battlefield 4 Pre-order Deal Now at $48, Plus 4th Gen iPad for $450


Although it won’t release for another half year, the much-anticipated Battlefield 4 PC download with Premium Expansion already has a nice $12 coupon discount, bringing it to $48 at GameFly. Pretty impressive, considering it only became available for pre-order this past Tuesday. Today the iPad 4 16GB Retina can be...

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