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O-Cedar Unveils the O-Duster Robotic Floor Cleaner (video)

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[GR]MKl0p2d43rA[/GR] There’s a new “Rosie” on the block, “Mistuh J.” and she says, “Move over Roomba. The floor is mine!” The tiled floor, that is. Check out the O-Duster Robotic Floor Cleaner from O-Cedar. The O-Duster uses an electrostatic cleaning pad on its flexible Velcro base. Just select a cleaning...


EA Games Teases Battlefield 4 (video)


[GR]3z4jxkkrrKM[/GR] It’s not often that a game developer, known for its lucrative triple-A games, can stick to a year+ long promise. But that’s exactly what EA Games developer DICE has done with a little thing called Battlefield 3. They promised when the game launched that it would be broadened with...

Netflix SuperHD

Netflix Super HD Now Available


Netflix has long provided full HD playback.  But not all HD is the same.  So, for those of you that demand the best in streaming quality, you won’t have to look much further than Netflix Super HD, which provides customers the best picture quality yet. It gives users superior video...

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Veti-Gel Stops Bleeding In An Instant (video)


Ever get a cut and it never wants to stop bleeding, so you have to go through, like, four or more tissues until it stops? Well, now you won’t have to waste all those tissues with the new Veti-Gel, which is a gel substance that’s supposed to stop bleeding instantly....

Keg Koozi

Kegzie Beverage Cooler Looks Like a Keg

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Keep your favorite beer cold and refreshing by using the Kegzie Beverage Cooler that looks as if it’s a mini keg! It’s a great companion for any tailgate party or BBQ you have with your best pals! It’s literally the smallest keg on the planet and it’s only $7.99! The mini...