So what are the 12 best Star Wars infographics of all time? Suprisingly, there aren’t as many as you might think. We’ve chosen the very best for your amusement. So, kick back, stop what you’re doing and take a look — who needs to work anyway?


12. How to Make Your Own LightsaberStar Wars

Nothing could be sweeter than having your very own lightsaber — well, aside from making it yourself. Go ahead, feel the force. I dare you.

Credit: Newark

11. Nineteen Things You Didn’t Know About Star Wars

Star Wars

Who knew that Ewoks were named after the Miwok Native American tribe?


10. Star Wars Facts

Star Wars

George Lucas was sure able to buy a nice library with all the money he made from the Star Wars franchise. Over $22 billion in revenue was earned by the Star Wars saga and merchandise — not too shabby Lucas, not too shabby at all.


9. Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Star Wars

Die hard fans of both Star Wars and Star Trek would almost undoubtedly get in to a fist fight over this one, but when it comes right down to it Star Wars wins the head-to-head hands down.


8. The First 35 Years of Star Wars

Star Wars

This has to be the most complete picture of all that is Star Wars ever created. For any true Star Wars fan, this is sheer bliss.


7. The Economics of Star Wars

Star Wars

Need numbers do you? George Lucas on a mound of gold he is. Here’s one of the very best infographics that sums up the Star Wars saga’s total revenue.


6. 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Star Wars

Star Wars

Other diehard fans might already know this, but I had no idea that one of the asteroid scenes in Episode V featured a potato. Err… space potato.


5. If the Star Wars Characters Lived in Our World…

Star Wars

Joe Allen Billy Bob Alvarez sounds so familiar, but I can’t quite put a face to the name.


4. The Death Star

Star Wars

An awesome inforgraphic that we had to include on this list, but it should be pointed out that their figure of $15.96 septillion is not a correct estimate of the Death Star’s cost. The most accurate estimation puts that figure closer to $850 quadrillion — still an incredibly ridiculous price. I’d settle for a small starfighter.


3. The Ultimate Guide to Star Wars Sports Betting

Star Wars

Out of all the options, I’m fairly certain I’d be betting or participating in Swoop racing given the opportunity. Come on, at 370 mph on a freaking flying bike who wouldn’t want to have one of these things.


2. Five Stages of Star Wars Revisionism Fan Grief

Star Wars

My life in a nutshell — minus the video-store paychecks.

1. Fact and Fiction: This is Not Your Father’s Lightsaber

Star Wars

We saved the best for last — lightsaber tech. Unfortunately, according to silly science, Star Wars fans looking to grab a real-life lightsaber are going to have to wait quite some time.

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