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DirecTV vs Dish Network

DirecTV vs. Dish Network (comparison)


Ready to switch from cable to a satellite dish? DirecTV and Dish Network each have benefits and drawbacks. DirecTV is known for better customer service, but Dish Network is actually the provider with live 24/7 assistance. Dish has the Hopper, which lets you skip commercials in Primetime, but DirecTV has...

Sarychev Volcano (Kuril Islands, northeast of Japan

Image of the Day: Volcano Erupting from Space


Sarychev Volcano (Kuril Islands, northeast of Japan) in an early stage of eruption on June 12, 2009, as seen from space....


HitBliss: the Pandora of Streaming Movies


Sick of paying for TV shows and movies?  You could soon get them for free, and all without the legal implications that come with downloading them via BitTorrent.  It’s call HitBliss, and while the name leaves something to be desired, it would seem that the Lexington, MA company might be...


EMBRACE+ Smart Notification Bracelet for iPhone and Android


Stay connected to what’s happening with the EMBRACE+ Smart Notification Bracelet  that allows you to customize notifications for incoming calls, text, social media, apps and more. Your phone can be in your pocket, purse, bag, etc and the bracelet will alert you when a new notification comes in. You can customize...


SOCCKET Soccer Ball Generates Electricity


The SOCCKET is a portable generator that’s disguised as a soccer ball that can be used for play. It has an internal mechanism that takes kinetic energy from rolling and converts and stores it as electrical energy that can later be used. So after the game is done, it can be...


Philips Fidelio HTL9100 Soundbar Boasts Rear Detachable Speakers Powered By a Battery


Wireless speakers are designed to remove the clutter generally associated with installing a home theater system.  Barring a room constructed specifically to house speakers within the walls, there generally isn’t anyway to completely remove the presence of wires.  You see, wireless speakers need power, and power, at least in this...

Steel Playing Card

Take Out Poker Foes with These Stainless Steel Playing Cards


Throwing a playing card is as easy as, well, picking one up. Causing it to slice into an apple or stick to a wall, that’s an entirely different accomplishment.  Unfortunately, many of us will never achieve the latter feat since throwing playing cards in a deadly, or at least paper...

13 Ways to Sanitize Your Gadgets and Protect Yourself From the Flu

12 Ways to Sanitize Your Gadgets and Protect Yourself From the Flu (list)

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With flu season among us, it’s best to keep your most heavily used gadgets safe from germs that could hinder your health and decrease your productivity. It seems that sneezing and coughing aren’t the only way viruses can spread, and they can actually stay active on hard surfaces (ie. computer...

Darpa Dog

Video of the Day: Watch DARPA’s Robotic Dog Toss Cinder Blocks (video)


[GR]2jvLalY6ubc[/GR] It’s amazing what kind of mechanics animals employ to perform a seemingly simple task. BigDog handles heavy objects. The goal is to use the strength of the legs and torso to help power motions of the arm. This sort of dynamic, whole-body approach is routinely used by human athletes...


Gadget Review Daily Deals: $255 off 15″ MacBook Pro Retina, Sonic the Hedgehog PC bundle, “free” HDMI cable – just pay $1.99 shipping


The 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina’s gotten some good discounts lately, so it’s about time the 15-inch model got in on the action. Today it dropped to $1,944 – the cheapest we’ve seen by $36, and over $200 off what you’d have to pay for it at say, the Apple Store....