Vyne is an odd-looking iPhone stand that wraps around your neck and holds your iPhone in front of you so that you can watch videos hands free. Not sure that there might be a big market for the weird stand, but right now, it’s only a concept with no info on whether it’ll be produced.

Its website just features a description of the product and does detail that it’s been patent pending since 2010 but doesn’t go into detail about when it’ll become available or have any pricing info. The description on the site says that it can be “worn  sitting down in a stationary position for viewing media content for an extended period of time.” It also details that it’s constructed of a  flexible elastomer neck and plastic clip and allows users to easily watch media on their phones in “a variety of configurations & locations with maximum comfort and minimum fatigue.” The website also shows that it can stand on its own on a flat surface and has pictures of multiple color options.


Kristie Bertucci

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