‘Ello Governa! ┬áThat’s the first thing that sprang to mind when I saw AMC’s elaborate Walking Dead Season 3 Blu-Ray case. If you’re a fan still looking to catch up on Season 3 or just would like to have it on tap, this morbid morsel of merchandise is just for you.

Just look at that handsome lot. The case can also be filled with water to simulate the larger cabinet owned by the show’s current antagonist, The Governor. It even features the heads of two walkers that were very near and dear to Michonne, both in life and as her crude limbless and undead early warning protection system.

McFarlane designed the case to be interactive with slight customization options. Hooks are provided on each head so they can be hung in the case to suit the tastes of all would-be sadists. Or you can let the heads fall where they may and flop around like some grim game of bobbing for apples. It’s definitely cool stuff and you can be sure no two fans/survivors will have their cases laid out the same. There’s even a lighting mechanism to add an extra bit ghoulish flare.

Part 2 of this The Walking Dead season 3 just shambled back to life this past Sun Feb 10th. I have to say, while I’m definitely tuning in, it’s painful being an ongoing fan of the comic book source material. The artistic license taken and new directions for which the show is currently careening down, is frustrating to say the least. But I do remember Robert Kirkman (original creator) stating, he hates all the series characters except Michonne and Rick and takes pleasure in killing them off. To be honest Michonne is the only character I feel the show has nailed–even better than the comic.

Final pricing on the Season 3 Blu-ray case has not been set. But it should be available shortly after Part 2 of Season 3 wraps later this year.

Shawn Sanders

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