Tomorrow in New York City, Sony is expected to officially unveil the long-awaited Playstation 4.  Until then, you can nurse on these tidbits that have come by way of a Kotaku source that is said to be reliable “who back in early 2012 told [them] the codename for Sony’s next console and the codename for Microsoft’s next console.”  So what can you expect?

Pricing wise there will apparently be two price points – $429 and $529  - though it still remains to be seen what that will get you.  A bit steep compared to today’s console, but perhaps these are bundles that will include a wide range of features and accessories.  That said, Kotaku has been told that Orbis (the PS4′s supposed code name), will ship with a controller that sports a small touchpad in its center, and a new user account system that will let multiple people login to the console at the same time – hardly new news.  However, their source has provided new information that PS4 owners will be able to control the console using their tablet or smartphone, as well as buy games online and have them automatically downloaded to the machine.

Sony is also said to be following a play from Microsoft’s playbook, and making the most of the PS4′s online features by adding a premium subscription model, which will likely result in a far better online experience compared to the current offering.  Of note, Playstation Plus will supposedly be called Playstation World once this paid model takes effect.

Other rumors from the source point to a spectating feature called Playstation Eye that allows you to watch friends play games even if you don’t own them, and a new controller (pictured below) that may or may not include a feature that enables gamers to record gameplay and share it online.

Lastly, Kotaku’s source says that the Playstation 4 will release this November, though Sony won’t disclose its price until later this year, possibly at E3.

Christen Costa

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