Movies and books often paint a very grim outlook of the future where everything of necessity is in perilously short supply. The TV show Revolution by JJ Abrams asks the questions what would we do if someone just spontaneously cut off our access to electricity across the entire planet? Here we would all take a much-needed vacation and try to divine a way to play our online games through daisy-chained Dixie cups (back off! Patent pending).

Regardless of the media in question, in a drama-riddled TV show or film the message is clear. Whoever commands the depleted resources commands the loyalty of the often post-apocalyptic masses. If that’s true, this new lithium battery could be the most sought after little trinket on the planet. It’s the product of researchers from University of Southern California.

Recognizing the life cycle limitations of today’s garden variety Lithium ion batteries, Prof. Chongwu Zhou has taken the tech in a very different direction. Professor Zhou has found that fields of porous┬ásilicon┬ánanotubes are more efficient for herding electrons while maintaining capacity and greatly extending the life cycle of Lithium ion battery. Changwu Zhou has already made considerable progress. So much so, we could see these super batteries on the retail shelve or at least in our hybrid cars, laptops, cell phones and more, in as soon as a couple of years. Unfortunately no raw data or published mortality rates for these new powerhouses have been made available. Tripling of traditional capacity is noted but surely various offerings will yield differently.

In any event, innovations in power sourcing are growing by leaps and bounds. Batteries are lasting longer and providing more power efficiency. One most notable stride in power solutions is inductive charging. If we can get some of these new mega-batteries used for future inductive charging options, then we can truly embrace a wireless future where everyone has “juice.”

Shawn Sanders

Shawn loves gadgets, literature, history and games. For 10yrs+ he's straddled both the comic book & video game industries, as a writer, editor, marketing officer & producer. Shawn got his start in tech & games as an editor & Hardware Director for More notable accomplishments include Executive Producer on mobile games Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved & The Shroud.