New Ear Buddies Ear Buds Look Like Actual Ears

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Add some style and humor to your smartphone or mp3 player listening experience with Ear Buddies, new ear buds that look like tiny, real human ears!

From the NeatoShop, the 3/4″ x 1″ ear buddies are compatible with the iPhone (or any device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack). The adorable ear buddies also offer a great sound with comfortable fit, high-fidelity sound quality and OFC wire for low noise.

If you’re unsure what to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day, funky ear buds can be a cool, inexpensive gift option. If tiny little human ears don’t scream romance to you, you might prefer these adorable M&Ms ear buds. I’m also kind of obsessed with designer Irina Fominich’s elegant “piece of jewelry” ear buds that include a dangling, sparkled portion that curls under the earlobe like a pair of earrings (hint hint, gentlemen). Who knew that jewelry could also be a functional electronic device?

If ear buds aren’t comfortable headphones for you (personally, they always make my ears sore), you might consider David Burel’s wooden headphones, which look sort of like a futuristic headband! They’re made of nine layers of varnished plywood and are available exclusively through Milan’s 10 Corso Como store. That’s right: high-fashion headphones.

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