We’ve seen some cool ways to zip around town. I live vicariously through Christen, who gets to tool around behind the wheel of as many of them as he can. From high-end to low-end…self-powered to solar-powered, we had yet to see anything like the MOVEO electric foldable scooter by the Antro Group.

This Hungarian non-profit organization has brought imagination and innovation to reality in just five years. The project, which began in 2008 has quickly given birth to a working MOVEO prototype. Dreams of production are abound but first Antro Group is seeking business partners for a more traditional mass production of the personal vehicle. They hope is to offer the MOVEO at the lowest price possible, $3100, if they can meet financing goals. If less money is raised production will yield less MOVEO scooters and the cost will zero in around $4600.

Final specs and pricing are anyone’s guess. Gizmag is reporting a current heft of 55 lbs. On a full charge you can travel about 22 miles. Charge time is a full hour. That’s not bad at all. The MOVEO has a single motor housed in each wheel, which work in tandem to achieve a max speed of 28 mph. Upon your arrival–in true retro-future style–laugh maniacally as you fold your MOVEO while unfortunate parking space-hunters roam the business park savanna for the ever-elusive free parking spot. It takes just 2 mins to fold in two and comes with an easy handle to drag the entire vehicle like a wheeled suitcase.

Get a good long look at this thing. It’s actually stylish in its simplicity and almost Steampunk in its design. It definitely conjures memories of “cars of the future” themes from old 40′s and 50′s magazines. Often, as a casualty to save space, other portable mobiles have to abandon aesthetics for form and compact function. The MOVEO manages good looks, compact design and is environmentally doing its part.

Source | Via: Gizmag

Shawn Sanders

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