The big game starts this Sunday sometime after 6:15pm, or 3:15pm if you’re on the West (left) coast. Generally speaking, the actual kickoff won’t happen until 6:30pm, but better early than late, right?  However, if you don’t have a TV in your possession, or a TV signal to speak of, then you’re probably up sh*t creek without a paddle, right? Wrong.

You can now watch the Super Bowl, Super Bowl 47 online, on your computer, smartphone, or tablet device, all free of charge. You’ve got a few options, though it’s difficult to say what is the better option for you. But since you’re reading this article now – not minutes before the big game – you’re probably prepared to try anything, provided of course you and your best buddies can enjoy the big game in some capacity. Course, if you’re trying to watch the game on your tablet or computer, odds are you don’t have that many friends. will air Super Bowl 47 live and for free on their website. I suggest you load up their site that morning or at least hours before the big game – their coverage starts at 11am EST – otherwise you might get a browser error since so many people will be hitting the site simultaneously. Then again, since many folks will enjoy the game in a traditional manner (on TV) it might be a nonissue. I’ve heard that you’ll be able to enjoy additional camera angles over traditional TV at CBS’ website, but that’s just what I’ve heard. Just note that you won’t be able to access the game if you’re abroad, unless of course you use a US based proxy (hint, hint).

NFLMobile Android and iOS app

Sorry, but this app is reserved for Verizon FiOS and Wireless customers. But if you happen to “play” with Big Red, then you’re in luck. Just simply download the app for your Android or iOS device and you can stream the game live to your device.  If not for nothing, it’s a great alternative or complement if you can’t get a prime seat near the big screen this Sunday.

Game Rewind, The International Option

If you live abroad you’ll be barred from watching Super Bowl 47 using any of the one above methods. However, there is still hope. The NFL supplies games via Game Rewind, an online option (at a cost) that provides games commercial-free and in HD. The one caveat is that Super Bowl 47 won’t be in real-time, so you’ll have to settle for a replay and the absence of any social networking (catch my drift). It costs $19.99. Of note, if you bought Game Rewind earlier in the year it would have cost you just $24.99 and would have included other NFL games earlier in the season. Could of, should have.

Super Bowl Ads at Hulu

The NFL has teamed up with Hulu. There you can watch all of the big game’s ads again and again. Nevertheless, I’m not sure there is an ad that can top VW’s fat dog ad of last year, but that’s a matter of opinion.

Last Ditch Effort

If all else fails, a variety of sites will no doubt be streaming the big game illegally. It’s a last-ditch effort if you can’t access the above three options. And I suppose for anyone living outside of the US this might be a better option since it will be in real-time, or somewhat close, though quality will be seriously diminished.

Christen Costa

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