While technology continues to boggle the mind, human creativity and ingenuity will forever toil to confound the senses. I hope you’re ready to have your mind fu….er, fundamentally altered? Across the drink, a group of  French designers exercise their devilishly wicked sense of humor by way of a trio of perceptually deceptive seating furniture. Ibride, a french design studio, have ingeniously constructed three chairs modeled after classic historical chair designs. These are the Hidden Chairs from Ibride. They look reticulated and warped from one angle, while appearing like something plucked from your art history textbook from a different viewing angle.

The company has constructed each chair to thoroughly f-up your senses. Depending on the angle you view it, one may never know how to sit in the thing. It’s the first chair where some folks will require an instruction manual–not to assemble it–but to understand how to sit in the twisted perception-altering piece of furniture. Remember the stereogram? Well this is similar, but for your tuckus.

The Hidden Chairs from Ibride are based on three beech plywood chair designs from different periods and places in history. The Hand Shaker draws its inspiration from the religious movement of the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing. They are remembered as the “Shakers” of the 18th century, who among other things–and ironically–didn’t take sexual inequality sitting down.

Ibride was also hit by a muse from the Ming Dynasty China when they crafted the Hidden Terence. It’s a typical design from that era with a horseshoe-shaped back.

The third shows the company’s influence skipping over to Europe. As 19th century Viennese architect Otto Wagner’s inspiration is the focus of the Hidden Wagner.

These seating options are intriguing to say the least. Unfortunately, we don’t have pricing or availability. But the designs were shown at Maison & Objet design fair in Paris, which just wrapped up early last week.

| Via: Gizmodo

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