Take command of your entire home, with just your voice and Raspberry Pi running SiriProxy. The future is now and I feel old. I remember when the gadgets of Dick Tracy, Maxwell Smart and Chuck Dixon were mere figments of televised imaginations. But in our current barely sober reality the truth is still stranger than fiction. Currently, I am arguably the smartest thing in my home–mostly because the wife and daughter aren’t here right now. But that’s beside the point. Technology wants to fill my humble abode with inanimate objects that are exceedingly more intelligent than myself. There are smartphones, smart cars and now Smarthomes themselves.

“Elvis Impersonator” is a crafty YouTube user who can hack together some truly incredible things. Over 3 long arduous days, Elvis has managed to exceed the limits of Siri by making the digital damsel work cohesively with his garage doors, room lights, television for changing channels, home security system and even his thermostat. The impersonator of the man who never owned a pair of Blue Suede shoes, has effectively hacked his home to respond in ways similar to what the Almond+ Smarthome router can do, which we reported on last month.

Elvis, savvy tinkerer that he is, is only making use of SiriProxy plugin that are open-sourced and easily obtainable with a download at his GitHub site. Furthermore, SourceForge is hosting a RPi SD card image that Elvis Impersonator compiled. It has his SiriProxy already installed. Snatch it up and see how you can bestow basic cognition to your inanimate dwellings or beyond.

The man himself writes-

I have been following the development of SiriProxy since its initial appearance in November 2011 and even got it installed and working on an Marvell SheevaPlug ARM based plug computer. I spent countless nights dreaming of the day I could use voice commands to control my home, but I was still under a long-term contract on my existing iPhone. I already had been experimenting with IP2IR control in various forms, but the controller I use in the video seemed to offer the most features which the manufacturer added a REST API in March 2012.

Shawn Sanders

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