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The resistance to convert to greener fuel efficiency by the automotive industry is not always as nefarious as we might think. Also, fuel companies or collectively “Papa Petrol”–as I like to call them–are not immensely eager to abandon their cash cow of “Black Gold” and “Texas Tea”. But what if the charge for such was more tempered with a sense of moderation? What if fleet operators, those that command our cities’ taxis, postal service vehicles, supermarket delivery trucks and others, were able to easily and affordably shift to fuel efficient vehicles? It wouldn’t change the collective mind of Papa Petrol but it would significantly improve our quality of life through cleaner, greener emissions.

It’s a compelling idea and one made possible by EchoDrive. EchoDrive is a new initiative platform for converting new and existing fleet vehicles into significantly more fuel-efficient hybrid solutions. This is an amazing way for Fleet Operators to drastically reduce their overhead fuel expenses without completely scrapping their current fleet of vehicles for costly time-consuming hybrids built from the ground up. EchoDrive is so cost-effective, the average fleet operator could begin to see the payback and savings within 24-36 months. EchoDrive can expand fuel-efficiency of fleet vehicles up to 50%.

The EchoDrive system can be bolted onto most vehicles, new or old. It works to add energy to a vehicle’s existing drivetrain at times when a vehicle’s internal combustion engine is at its most inefficient. This cuts down on harmful emissions and decreases engine workload. EchoDrive uses a Modular Battery Pack, which is adaptive and can be adjusted to fit different vehicles. This helps to provide each fleet vehicle with the right amount of power for a given vehicle’s drive cycle, further promoting efficiency. A powerful yet diminutive Li-Ion battery gives the gift of high-capacity and reliability. While the System Controller easily integrates with a vehicles existing systems. It’s smart and can determine the best course for applying its electrical energy.

The company has labored to develop intricate and intelligent capabilities, which can scale to meet the needs of any Fleet Operator. These include vehicle designs and aerodynamics, scalable propulsion systems for HEV, PHEV and EV controller development. EchoDrive is capable of full vehicle development, engineering, and launching. They are skilled in all areas of automotive design and innovations. They listen to the needs of their Fleet Operator customers and offer program management, benchmarking and supplier sourcing. They have experts ready to serve with any needed consulting services spanning vehicle electrification and clean technology, sustainability and technology development. If necessary EchoDrive is ready with workshops in innovation and efficiency to make sure fleet operators are educated, empowered and ready.
Much of the globe’s harmful emissions come from overly inefficient combustible engines powering fleet vehicles. Switching to EchoDrive is an elegant cost-effective way for fleet operators to cut costs and gain peace of mind by going green.

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