I’m totally cool with getting a slight workout when it comes to gaming.  I’m glad to dance in front of an Xbox 360 or toss around a Wii controller, but there is no way in hell you’d get me to pick up this ridiculous gaming peripheral targeted (pun intended) at smartphone gamers.

It’s called the BowBlade and it is designed to mimic a bow and arrow.  Instead of a string, the BowBlade uses a flexible, rubber based blade that is apparently swappable depending on your penchant for difficulty and exercise.   Replacing the arrow is a string stylus which presumably taps the screen to simulate a finger.  Honestly, I’m having a hard time “laying pen to paper” and coming up with more descriptive terms, especially after watching their marketing video

That all said, there is no way you could get me to pay $185, let alone $200 for a product that will probably get one use and possibly a few laughs.

Source | Via: Gizmodo

Christen Costa

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