Remember when video games came in cartridges and whenever they wouldn’t work, you’d take them out of the console to blow out the dust or whatever was messing up the game? Well, it turns out that blowing on them wasn’t such a good idea and caused more harm that good. Even though you thought you were blowing out the dust, what you were actually doing was lining the cartridge with a layer of moisture.

Someone thought this would make a great experiment, which documented the results of cartridges that were blown on and those that weren’t. After a month of testing, the researcher found that those that weren’t blown on were less messed up than with those that were. Turns out, Nintendo even warned against it, but how many of us really paid attention? So the reason why they wouldn’t work wasn’t because they were dirty, but because they had pin connectors that wouldn’t connect with the hardware at times. Really, all you had to do was take the cartridge out and put it back again into the console until it worked…

Kristie Bertucci

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