In Ubisoft’s upcoming open world computer hacking adventure game, the disembodied “Big Brother” complex that we all feared, has reached bionic proportions to the likes of which would make Steve Austin look like an electric toothbrush by comparison. When we reported on Watch Dogs last year, we were left jaw agape as we divined the myriad of possibilities an open world hacking adventure game could bring to the table. The tidbits that were shown revealed a play mechanic where everything electronic was “hackable”. This includes traffic lights, cell phones of virtually all the game’s NPCs, bank accounts, various surveillance systems and an untold amount more. Information seems to just hang in the area for you to see and manipulate with your own decidedly smarter smartphone. Hacking! Apparently there’s an app for that too.

The game, in its early rough stages, looked anything but. So of course we used our own means of information acquisition to hack the interweb for anything remotely related to Watch Dogs. By “hack” I mean set Google Alerts for those particular keywords.¬†Ingenious right? Wrong! I’m not even going to tell you what Google kicks back when you set “Watch” and “Dogs” as alerts. Let’s just say, people can get real creative with their fetishes. But our hacks were victorious at the cost of singed retinas and sanity-altering mental disturbance.

We can thank Sony and their PlayStation 4 announcement live stream. Hit up this link for a heaping spoonful of the innovative new features. But this here post, is all about Watch Dogs. The original video we posted last year was a mission gameplay piece. This one is more open world gameplay, with the protagonist seemingly out for a stroll, probably between missions, Assassin’s Creed style. The walk-through shows off more cool on-the-fly go-anywhere hacking mechanics. You should watch it. I won’t spoil it for ya. But I am immensely excited by the open world possibilities in a game where I can command the cities electronic¬†dissemination¬†of information. Hopefully we’ll see more gameplay soon. Hey Ubi! Let’s see some more multiplayer features.

Shawn Sanders

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