Adidas has released info on their new running shoe, called “Energy Running,” that’s supposed to be a very well engineered sneaker. They’ve added  two new features (or technology) to the new model, including Spring Blade and Boost material. Spring Blade is a new design that appears to snap back into place as the person wearing the shoe flexes their foot, with Boost material replacing industry standard EVA form, which is found in 90 to 95 percent of all running shoes, according to Adidas. This new addition is supposed to return a lot of energy while still remaining comfortable, essentially being very bouncy, with Adidas adding that the two were never combined before.

The Boost material is supposed to stay exactly as it is out of the box on up to 500 kilometers, while still holding up better than other materials, Adidas adds. Right now, the shoe is promising to make you better at what you do (running, to be exact), but no one will know how definite these claims are until after extended use and many very long runs.

Kristie Bertucci

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