5 of the Best Aftermarket Smartphone Insurance Plans

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Smartphone Insurance
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18 Comments to 5 of the Best Aftermarket Smartphone Insurance Plans

  1. Malysa Fortune

    I will never use Asurion again. I did a claim for my daughters phone in December 2014. As soon as I did the claim my daughter informs me her phone is working. So I called them immediately to cancel and was told my claim has already been processed (mind you it was less than 5 minutes) and that I can refuse the package when it comes and everything will be taken care off. Well that was not the case. I saw on my January AT&T bill I was charged 99.00 so I called AT&T who transferred me to Asurion. They claimed they never received the phone back. Then I gave them the tracker number I had that said it was returned. Poof all of a sudden they found the phone. I was told I would receive my credit in 2 billing cycles. Which I think is ridiculous it didn’t take them two billing cycles to debit me. Well I currently looked at my bill and still have not been credited. Take to Asurion again which once again told me the phone wasn’t returned. I had to give them all the information again and once again poof they found all the information and saw where they started the process credit on Feb 9th. 2 1/2 weeks after I called them the first time. She was rude and told me I will probably not get my credit until May. So it takes them 6 months to pay me back what they had promised me I would not be charged.

  2. danielle motz

    Protect your Bubble has terrible customer service. They slow roll your claim hoping you will wear out and
    not follow through to get the service you paid for. I will never use them again and warn others not to also.

    • Christen Costa

      Danielle, that’s too bad. At this point, have you heard anything further from the company? I’m glad to reach out if you’d like. Just hit me up at info email address, if that makes sense.

  3. I wonder if anyone but the owner of esuranty likes that company and has had any experience with that company….?

  4. Was going to opt into Best Buy’s policy, but am now wondering if I should due to all the reviews. I might go with Worth Ave. They seem to be rated well with BBB. I checked into Essuranty.com, and anyone who goes with them needs to be careful! They are rated C+ with numerous complaints! Unbelievable!

  5. Christopher Dent

    It appears that Protect You Bubble no longer covers loss or theft…. was about to buy a plan when I caught that in the fine print!

  6. We stumbled over here different page and thought I might check things out.
    I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to checking out your web page repeatedly.

  7. MichaelFarese

    You didn’t mention that Rhino currently does not cover Windows Phones, Android Phones, or Blackberries. So, um, yeah… there’s that.

  8. The Geek Squad replacement limit is wrong… Replacements are UNLIMITED and no questions asked.. I had it for my last two smartphones, both of which I had replaced several times because I couldn’t stop dropping them.

    • Geek Squad just changed their entire replacement plan….. there’s now a $100.00 deductible and the limit is two replacements for the life of the plan

  9. Angelo Maimone

    The best insurance for your mobile device is esurranty.com They have the lowest price, the most coverage available and the coverage starts the day you sign up. Not 30 days later like the one’s listed here. Also they offer monthly payments for only $4.99 per month and it includes loss and theft coverage as well.

  10. Please note that as September 1st 2013 Geek Squad changed their terms and conditions – You need to pay a deductible of $150 – that holds for the next 2 incidents. Here is the new text on pg 3.

    “…You will pay a $49.99 service fee for each claim submitted under this Plan that is not covered under a manufacturer’s warranty on a feature phone and a $149.99 service fee for each claim submitted under this Plan that is not covered under a manufacturer’s warranty on a smartphone or iPhone. You are limited to 3 claim submissions after which our obligations under this Plan will be fulfilled in their entirety…”

  11. jeff nolan

    While this is informative, and a great comparison of plans, it should include ease of claim info. For example, Protect Your Bubble gets top reviews and 5 stars for ease of registration and payment but consistently gets 1 star ratings for claims resolution saying the insurance is WORTHLESS.

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