So the wife has been nudging you to demonstrate such an interest in saving the planet that she wants you to trade in your muscle car and get a hybrid, but you desperately want to retain your Mancard carrying status? I shouldn’t need to inform you that a Prius will most certainly not fulfill that criteria. So how about doing the misses one better and going all-in on a true EV? How about one with the honor of being the quickest production electric vehicle on the planet? A car that could be dubbed The (Nearly) Silent Assassin that, to date, has taken out a BMW M5, a Mercedes E63 AMG, and the Viper SRT 10 as the above video illustrates? Well, in that case you’d better drop $5,000 to reserve your Tesla Model S now, and then practice monk-like patience while you wait quietly for yours to be built. recently rocketed the five door saloon to a sub 4 second (3.9) 0-60 time and finished out the 1,320 feet inĀ 12.371 seconds at 110.84 mph. Not too shabby for a car that weighs in at more than 2 1/4 ton. This feat was accomplished during the National Electric Drag Racing Association’s Winter EV Nationals at Palm Beach International Raceway, and the NEDRA verified the new world record.

The Tesla Model S Performance is a full-electric plug-in EV with Tesla’s flagship drivetrain, including an 85 kWh battery that boasts a 300 mile range, though I doubt that will be attainable if you keep ripping off 1/4 mile runs with your foot mashing the skinny pedal. (I suppose this skinny pedal must be referred to as the accelerator pedal since the gas moniker hardly suits it.) Interestingly enough, the 3.9 second 0-60 time they achieved is a half-second quicker than Tesla cites on its spec page. When you pick yours up, let us know what time were able to realize through the quarter-mile. Oh, and don’t worry if your gear shifting skills aren’t up to drag racing standards as the Model S is a single gear vehicle, so shifting won’t be necessary. What will be necessary is an additional $82,000 after yours is complete, after taking into account the Federal Tax Credit. Yes, that is on top of the $5,000 cost to reserve one. At least you can rationalize that cost with the good you’ll be doing the world by leaving that Texas Tea in the ground.

Tyler Rohrbacher

For as long as I can remember, I've loved gadgets and anything with a motor. When I was very young I fell in love with a horrendously ugly Honda CRX that had a decal of a beach scene on the door. I would sit in the driver's seat and honk the horn in the showroom of the dealer my dad worked at, probably scaring away potential buyers. I was also known to take everything apart; from the VCR, to appliances, to rc cars. Sometimes I would reassemble them, other times I felt they looked better in pieces. What a well-behaved child I was.