The tech press was relatively light on Apple for not infusing the new iPhone 5 with Qi technology. Qi, named after the Chinese term and philosophy for Qi (pronounced Chi) energy flow, is the new global standard that allows a Qi-enabled devices to be placed atop a Qi-enabled charger for wireless battery charging. Toward the end of last year, there were 120 companies, each with many products under their belt, all committed to adding Qi into their products if not already infused.

Well TYLT, the mobile device manufacturer, has just unveiled the Vu wireless charger for untethered power-ups. Simply place a Qi-enabled phone on the Vu charger to begin the power transfer. TYLT says users will enjoy rapid charging “as fast as a traditional plug-in charger”. The Vu sits at a 45 degree angle so you can still see and use your device and comes in a variety of color options.

Price and availability are still to be determined. For more information on the TYLT Vu Qi wireless charger visit


Shawn Sanders

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