Angelina Jolie plucked her name from the dens and dark basements of randy, thirsty game geeks everywhere and made her a box office star. Now twenty years later she returns to us younger, but more capable. She’s unseasoned, less precise and therefore, this may be why she’s brought along a bunch of friends to aid her in her penchant for raiding tombs.

Oh yeah! I’m talking about everyone’s favorite aristocratic and voluptuous butt-kicking British lass – Lara Croft. As the development of her next outing draws to a close, the developers gather to shed more light on this new earlier journey for Lara and just how she will play with friends.

Make sure to check the video closely. It sounds like honest, dedicated attention is being given to multiplayer in all it’s forms. I’m hearing talk of the use of lightning rods and decoy ammo crates that explode just when you think you’re locking and loading.

Shawn Sanders

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