German company ASB Systembau GMBH has created the sports floor of tomorrow with their ASB Glassfloor, which looks like something out of a Tron movie. ASB originally supplied glass squash courts, but has recently moved into smart flooring and already installed their glass floor in a German school’s athletic complex.

The floor is an aluminum frame that supports the glass, which is tempered to resist breakage, which means the panels can be much larger and thinner for their size than traditional glass floor tiles. Its surface is etched to prevent stray reflection, so players  won’t become blinded, and to get that particular friction of a traditional parquet floor, the glass is covered with tiny ceramic dots. But instead of painting lines on a wooden surface, their floor contains a layer of LED lights underneath the glass, and they can be in the form of boundary lines for different sports being used on the floor or serve merely as a display.

The ability to put lines on the floor also allows users to create games that use the LEDs as barriers or guides. For instance, lights could track players and show if they are off-sides or out-of-bounds or some sort of “smart” ball could be used and sounded off when a barrier is hit. The company also states that the floor has a high life expectancy, with all the materials that it’s made from (glass, ceramic and aluminum)  known for their toughness, resistance against climate, corrosion and age.

Kristie Bertucci

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