Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB Mobile Storage Drive Review

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Seagate Wireless Plusf
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7 Comments to Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB Mobile Storage Drive Review

  1. Just had another question. You’ve written:

    “All of the higher end 3rd party software media players such as VLC,
    DaumPot Player and even WMP can stream content via a URL address. This
    is exactly how content streams from the Wireless Plus to your PC or
    laptop–over an internet browser directly via URL.”

    Can you please explain this to me? I don’t quite understand what you need to do in order to get this to work… And how do I do this on the ipad?


  2. “Plus 3rd party players are supported which can greatly increase the number of supported codecs, depending on the player”

    When you say you are able to use some other third party apps, which ones specifically, apart form GoodPlayer? Does MoliPlayer HD or AirPlayer or AVPlayer all work?

    And how do you open and stream the .avi files from the hard drive to those 3rd party apps? Does it make you download the .avi file into that 3rd party app or is streaming still possible with them?

    I hope that makes sense. Thanks

  3. Tiago Oliveira

    Hi! Could you please explain me how to stream the mkv files?
    What do you have to do to mount as a upnp/dlna drive?
    It doesn’t allow to choose open with from the oficial app?
    Thanks for your time and attention

  4. Oplayer works fine on my 500gb Goflex Satelite handling everything so far without any glitches. It’s the app recommended by Seagate

  5. Actually you can use Goodplayer on ios to at back any format by mounting the wifi drive as a upnp/dlna server. You lose the organization of the app but the app has not been the greatest on its predecessor drive.

    • Shawn Sanders

      Yup thanks!! Seagate just hit me to say as much too. I will be adding that and a bit more. Thanks a lot!

      • Hi, can one of you please please explain what all of that just meant?? lol

        I really just want to be able to watch .avi, mp4, mkv files on my ipad, preferably all of them stored on the Seagate Wireless Plus…

        Please help!


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