Razer Sabertooth case

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2 Comments to Razer Sabertooth case

  1. i buy this controller last month. and its the worst day ever of my life! because its really hard to use. and easy to break.i would be ashamed to recommend this to friends.

  2. Please stop trying to be like a Scuf
    controller (buttons in the back) and make better quality Xbox controllers.
    Sabertooth felt hella cheap and broke after 3 hours of use. Just stick with
    what you’re good at which is PC products (mouse, mouse pad, keyboard…) and
    After my second broken onza, I am going to wait until I hear
    more about the build quality,second in 6 months of weekend use. My first
    Razer sabertooth broke with three months of use; Dead Analog stick, its
    warranty replacement failed two months later; dead triggers. A quick search and
    you will see that this product’s failures are numerous.

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